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Processing of residence permits in Andorra

In Andorra there are different types of residences:

On their own
Residence and work


Incorporation of companies in Andorra

We offer all the services and procedures necessary to create your own company in Andorra, purchase and sale of shares or shares, as well as all the structural modification processes of the same.

Real Estate Advicing in Andorra

Real estate advice and management is a permanent service of legal advice and document management framed in the Andorran real estate sector.

Áreas de Práctica

The office is organised by areas of practice to guarantee that each issue is handled by specialised professionals.

Financial Area

The Torras Asociados Finance department offers businesses and the self-employed comprehensive account management through analytical accounting. We study formulas for tax savings, cost optimisation, ratio analysis, international taxation, comprehensive advice, etc.

We specialise in corporate tax planning, tax and exemption management (Corporation Tax, Value Added Tax...), enterprise valuation, corporate tax consolidation benefits, etc.

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Make savings in your business!

Accounting for Companies and Business Owners
  • Analytical accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Invoice record book
  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Annual accounts
  • Annual report
  • End-of-year accounting
Preparation and Analysis of Balance Sheets
  • Company results
  • Performance
  • Tax saving
  • Budget analysis
  • Cost accounting
  • Financing alternatives
  • Arrangements with financial institutions
  • Measures that increase the value of the business
Assessment and Management
  • General Accounting Plan
  • Financial statement consolidation
  • Customer management accounting control
  • High net worth individuals
  • Family company
  • Financial due diligence (acquisition and sale)
  • Market due diligence
  • Transactions and post-transaction services
  • Legalisation of accounting books
Business and Personal Finances
  • Fund management
  • Credit solutions
  • Financial cost optimisation
  • Portfolio management
Company Taxes
  • Corporation Tax
  • IVA (VAT)
  • International taxes

Legal Area

The Torras Asociados Legal department specialises in Administrative Law, Civil Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, International Law and Criminal Law..

Our lawyers process contentious-administrative proceedings, manage property assets (due diligence, purchase/sales, evictions, capital gains...) advise on and settle inheritance and probate issues, incorporate companies, file claims (sums due and non-payments) and manage tax inspections and tax obligations in Spain, Andorra and abroad.

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Your peace of mind matters!

Administrative law
  • Organisation and operation of public authorities
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Contentious-administrative proceedings
  • Subsidies and grants
  • Compulsory seizures
  • Town planning
Civil law
  • Associations and foundations
  • Inheritance and probate issues
  • Contracts
  • Property and construction law
    • Property development
    • Construction
    • Purchase and sale of property and real estate companies
    • Property due diligence
    • Leasing
    • Real estate management
    • Property funds
  • Sports law
  • Reclamations of sums due and non-payments
  • Liability actions
    • Contractual and non-contractual
  • Family law
    • Marital conflicts
Commercial law
  • Company law
    • Structural modifications: transformations, mergers and divisions
    • Incorporation of companies
    • Corporate takeovers
    • Restructuring of corporate groups
    • Company director liability
    • Insolvency
  • Finance, banking and stock market law
    • Banking clause claims
    • Structured finance
    • Financial instrument emissions and public offers
    • Securities and insurance financial institutions
    • Incorporation
    • Transnational restructuring and operations
    • Collective investment institutions
  • Industrial and intellectual property
    • Patents and trademarks
    • Copyright
    • Leasing of rights
    • Risk management
    • Contentious procedure
  • Information technologies law
    • Electronic commerce
    • Contracts
    • Cybercrime
    • Cybersecurity civil liability
    • Internet
    • Contentious procedure
  • Commercial contracts
    • Licences and outsourcing contracts
    • Construction work and industry contracts
    • Collateral and professional guarantees
    • Partnership agreements
    • Commercial agreements: agency, distribution, franchise and supplies
Criminal-Economic law
  • Tax offences
  • Corporate offences
  • Criminal bankruptcy

Tax Area

The Torras Asociados Tax department specialises in National and International Tax Planning, as well as National and International Investments, taking into consideration the peculiarities of accrued taxation, taxes and rates, the declaration of goods abroad, international double taxation agreements (DTAs) and other taxes for non-residents.

Our lawyers process tax residence, probate, inheritance and other international procedures, backed by Alliott Group offices in over 70 countries.

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Optimise your revenue and assets!

  • National and international tax planning
  • Regional taxes
  • National and international investments
  • Transfer prices and related operations
  • Assistance in processing binding consultations and advance pricing agreements
  • Quarterly and annual tax obligations
    • IVA (VAT)
    • Corporate Tax
    • Personal Income Tax for Residents and Non-residents
    • Wealth Tax for Residents and Non-residents
    • Property Transfer and Stamp Duty Tax
  • Local taxes
    • Taxes, rates and contributions
  • Integrated individual and company tax planning
  • Tax proceedings
  • Tax inspections
  • Inheritance and donations
    • Inheritance and donations tax
  • Due Diligence
  • International taxes
  • Quarterly and annual tax obligations
    • IGI
    • Corporate Tax
    • Personal Income Tax
  • Taxes and rates
    • Insurance sales tax (ISI
    • Indirect Tax on Capital Transfers
    • Betting Tax
    • Communal Taxes
  • Processing of residency applications
    • On behalf of others
    • On their own behalf
    • Temporary
    • Non-work
  • Planning, incorporation and monitoring of companies
  • Foreign investments
  • Company restructuring operations
  • Customs inspection
  • Declaration of goods abroad
  • Form of the Bank of Spain for assets and economic transactions abroad
  • Forms of the General Directorate of Trade and Investment
  • Tax regularisations
  • International tax
  • Obtaining of Foreign Identity Number (NIE) for non-established employees
  • Obtaining and management of Enabled Email Address (DEH)
  • International probate
  • International inheritances
  • Analysis and advice regarding International Double Taxation Agreements (CDI)
  • Special tax regime for inbound assignees
  • Non-Resident Personal Income Tax
  • Non-Resident Wealth Tax
  • Comprehensive management and supervision through the international offices of the Alliott Global Alliance

Employment Area

The Torras Asociados Employment department offerss businesses and the self-employed comprehensive management of their Social Security obligations and defence in Social Courts and Tribunals.

We process hiring and firing employees, recruitments, wage slips, payment orders, retirement, disability and unemployment. We advise on Social Security benefits and help you plan the workplace management of your business. We also offer assistance in various legal procedures, tax inspections, labour claims, collective disputes, etc.

Contact us for personalised advice.

Avoid labour disputes!

Social Security Benefits
  • Comprehensive advice regarding social security benefits
  • Calculations and planning
  • Retirement, widowhood, permanent disability and unemployment
  • Comprehensive advice and management of staff issues for businesses and freelancers in their various special social security systems (artists, senior management, domestic service)
  • Hiring and firing of employees
  • Contracts, modifications and agreements of any nature regarding the employment contract
  • Management and preparation of wage slips and payment orders
  • Preparation and processing of RNT (Employee Wage List) and RLC (Contribution Payment List) listing bulletins
  • Preparation and processing of forms 111, 190 and 145
  • Changes and incidents with the Social Security General Treasury
Defence in Social Courts and Tribunals
  • Support and representation with the mediation, arbitration and conciliation centre
  • Support and representation with labour and social security inspections
  • Support and defence in employment and social security lawsuits
  • Preparation of lawsuits, pleadings and appeals for work-related administrative authorities and judicial bodies
  • Collective dismissals
  • Proceedings for the substantial modification of working conditions
  • Conflicts and collective agreements


TheTorras Asociados  Auditors support you across all aspects related to Account Auditing, taking into consideration your obligations and limitations and providing specific financial and expert reports for each activity sector.

Contact us for personalised advice.

Make sure your accounts are right!

Individual annual accounts
Consolidated accounts
Interim financial statements
Limited reviews
Reviews of accounts to justify subsidies
Review of agreed proceedings
Operational audit
Due Diligence
Reviews and verification of specific facts
Various collaboration services as expert accountants
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