The Torras Asociados Employment department offerss businesses and the self-employed comprehensive management of their Social Security obligations and defence in Social Courts and Tribunals.

We process hiring and firing employees, recruitments, wage slips, payment orders, retirement, disability and unemployment. We advise on Social Security benefits and help you plan the workplace management of your business. We also offer assistance in various legal procedures, tax inspections, labour claims, collective disputes, etc.

Contact us for personalised advice.

Avoid labour disputes!

Social Security Benefits
  • Comprehensive advice regarding social security benefits
  • Calculations and planning
  • Retirement, widowhood, permanent disability and unemployment
  • Comprehensive advice and management of staff issues for businesses and freelancers in their various special social security systems (artists, senior management, domestic service)
  • Hiring and firing of employees
  • Contracts, modifications and agreements of any nature regarding the employment contract
  • Management and preparation of wage slips and payment orders
  • Preparation and processing of RNT (Employee Wage List) and RLC (Contribution Payment List) listing bulletins
  • Preparation and processing of forms 111, 190 and 145
  • Changes and incidents with the Social Security General Treasury
Defence in Social Courts and Tribunals
  • Support and representation with the mediation, arbitration and conciliation centre
  • Support and representation with labour and social security inspections
  • Support and defence in employment and social security lawsuits
  • Preparation of lawsuits, pleadings and appeals for work-related administrative authorities and judicial bodies
  • Collective dismissals
  • Proceedings for the substantial modification of working conditions
  • Conflicts and collective agreements
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